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`A problem free life is an illusion’

November 9, 2016


If you were stuck in a ditch and thrown a life line with a rope, would you refuse?

Does taking the rope make it easy to scale out the ditch? Yes, but only to the extent you are willing to scale up!

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What is a problem but an opportunity?

An opportunity to scale to different heights

Heights that were perceived as problems before


Scaling the problem does not make it go away

It just makes the level of difficulty manageable


Scaling is learning to manage different levels of difficulty

The higher you are willing to scale, the more challenges you can overcome

We can only grow by transcending our current perceptions of how we think about limitations

For years, stories have been written to this effect

But is there something we have been missing ?

Did we forget to read in between the lines?

What are the authors trying to tell us about their darkest moments and how they have managed to transcend them?


What makes some people scale up and others down?

Could this be right in front us?

What does it take to `see’, to transcend the illusions that blur our vision?

Unfortunately this is not written in any manuals out there, we have to live enough of our illusions to discover it.

I have given my own perspective on this using my own experience in hope that others can follow the trail to their own wisdom.

Please read preview below and see if it is for you!

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