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At the Pit of Despair

November 2, 2016



At the Pit of Despair

Written by @linzo


image credit: pixabay


At the pit of despair, scourged

Mind struggles to put concept to experience

Trying to tame what I feel in a limited

Illusion of my fragile dense body

Heart paving its own trail, unconcerned

With what the mind and body can’t

Fathom within the unseen


Hence the tears that tender the desperation

Torn between two formidable conflicts

Tagging the fragments harder

Body seeking its share in the transient

No anchor in this fast moving stream

Ego severed beyond surgery

As the heart tends to the wounds


Bleeding to death, one last wish

To love and live deeply at heart center

Freely giving and knowing

My true infinite self, in one moment

That lies within the cradle of eternity


This is a book on a life experience in small learning called Heart Takeaways.



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