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Awakening the voice within for guidance

February 3, 2011

W e all have that voice within us that needs to be awakened for guidance. However awakening it is not easy as we have been programmed to look outside us for external circumstances to fill our desires. By looking outside for guidance, you are simply saying that you are not enough: because if you were, you would get the answers right there. The confidence in yourself in knowing that you are enough does not come easy as we have created a society where we have to look to someone else for help other than ourselves. This creates a dependency on materials, people and circumstances that are unsustainable in the long term. Awakening the master within will unlock the secrets to all the answers you need.

So how do we awaken the mastery?

Belief: Well they say that faith is the antidote to fear. In awakening your mastery using faith you will come to conclusions that you are indeed enough. We are all surrounded by advertising and possibly daily doses of the news which confirm that we are not enough and the world is coming apart. But what if you can choose to create your own reality where hate is turned to love and fear is turned to courage? You can do this by simply believing that you can. YES YOU CAN. I am living proof that anyone can do this as a year ago; did not love myself and felt everybody was out to get me. Who was thinking these things? I was. Who was hurting? I was. Awakening the mastery within me has taken me a year and I am still going but the results are evident now.

 Spiritual practice: Yes! People who believe in something are less prone to negativity. In awakening your mastery, faith is the key that is normally driven by a daily spiritual practice. There are no good or bad practices- what you make of them makes them good or bad. Coming from a Christian back ground; I found converting to meditation easy, at first it was a challenge and hence used the audio technology (which I now give away free on my website). But eventually, I have learnt to get completely quiet without any aids. That should be your goal as it accelerates the awakening process and aids you in knowing who you truly are.

It is not easy to start the awakening process on your own, because you simply do not know where to start. I encourage you to take baby steps and always follow your own truth. It is easy to get lost and bombarded with materials or circumstances that you simply become someone else. Find who you are! You are not that job, marriage or any other circumstance. I give away a free meditation track, a self help library and audio of the science of getting rich by Wallace .D. Little. Listen to that book about 10 times before the message really sinks in. Visit

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