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Life, The teacher that is never appreciated

December 14, 2010

Life is a step to step lesson of master ship. Whether you like what you are experiencing right now in your life or not, you are still the master. We start this master ship in thoughts, emotions, actions and results. The results you have now are part of a long process of thinking becoming real. If you do not believe me at this point, revisit your memory for something that has happened to you that you have not thought about at some point. We are manifesting magnets and the sooner we understand that concept and redirect our thoughts the sooner our lives will take a different course in life.

How is life a teacher?

Life in the trenches will teach you how to dig yourself out. But what makes us stay in the trenches longer than we should is that we never listen to intuition. Who remembers the story of the Promised Land in the Bible? These people kept going around in a circle for 40 years simply because they were not listening or being distracted by negative attitudes. As a result a lot of them died on the way never making it at all. You are where you are now for a reason, there is a lesson in your circumstances now and choose to take it and make it sweet for the rest of your life.

Life is a continuous catalogue of challenges; but without the challenges life will not be what it is. Challenges make you or break you and at the end of it, you are normally left more resilient. Normally it is not the challenges but our attitudes towards them. Because we are in the world of opposites where things are good or bad and so many other opposites; we are always valuing ourselves by the opposites. Neutralise your world where things are just are, no happy or sad but just is. There is no attachments in neutrality and hence less suffering in life.

Kids love to teach us the lessons in life by the way they leave. Have you ever seen a child that touches fire again after being burnt once? Why are adults so adamant on staying in circumstances that compromise who they truly are? That violent relationship you have stayed in for that long because you are scared is not for you. How violent can it get before you leave? And where have you put the true you who is naturally happy and abundant in all this. Life is for living so start NOW.

Life is what you make it. As they say we see the world through our own pair of eyes (perceptions). What have you allowed yourself to see today? For free resources in the self -development, visit

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