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Surrender, the ultimate Ego Killer

December 10, 2010

Surrender has often been used to mean submission, letting go, giving up your power or control under duress and more. The interpretation of the word begs for resistance; after all no one wants to be controlled especially if it is against your will. The most important gift we have is the power of will, use it properly and your life sails or give it away and your life becomes someone else’s responsibility. When we give away our responsibility, we become victims and that mentality breeds negativity. We must then understand that in surrender we take our power back not give it away.

Why is surrender important?

What you resist persists; surrender helps you accept every situation that comes at you with a good attitude. It does more than attitude in the sense that in acceptance you strengthen your body mechanisms and in resistance you weaken them. A simple experiment is putting your arm out and saying yes, then someone pushes against it; the arm will push back with more force and little effort. Do the reverse by saying NO and the arm will go much weaker. This is the basis of positive thinking but at an internal level surrender puts you in love.

Love is the way to surrender in the sense that it destroys everything in its way just as the ego destroys everything in its path. For those of you who have read any religious book, the word love is repeated so many times. But why don’t we get it? We have instead diluted it to our understanding that compromises the true meaning. Love is eternal and whatever is breed in love is eternal.  I did not know what all that meant until I discovered how much I hated people and everything around me. Yes they all persisted until I learnt surrender in love, little bothers me now.

The things we hate or the ones that make us uncomfortable are the parts of ourselves we have abandoned. In surrender, you own them back and begin to look at life with a different view. For example abandonment feels like a relationship cut short either by a break up or death. The grieving process takes over, if you do not allow yourself to just feel sad you break down due to resisting the feelings coming at you. The parts of you that you do not like are there for you, just allow yourself to feel that financial crisis in your pass. It is ok, just make it ok and learn from it, resisting surrender at this point is going to lead you to decisions of denial.

Surrender is letting go and letting whatever is be ok, resisting it just makes it worse and stick. Surrender does not make you weak instead it does the opposite. To be brave, courageous or strong, you need to surrender to a higher intelligence. For free resources to help you on a self development journey, visit

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