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Unveiling the Power within you

December 2, 2010

Power is a corrupted word in our world today. It means control or manipulate in unfavourable terms. For example wars of any kind are “power” driven. But what if you discovered that control or manipulation of your environment or any one is fruitless. That the only control you have is that of yourself and that you only have yourself to rely on.  That is true, as the saying goes “Change your self and change the world or those around you”. This comes from a concept that true power is power within that can not be touched or corrupted.

So where is our power within gone?

The power within has always been with you, it is thought driven and what you see around you is the manifestation of the use of that power. For example, I used to live in a victim driven state where in that state everything just happened to me and I had no involvement in the results. Does any body resonate with this? Well the result is constant suffering and moaning until I learnt that victims are violent people because they chose to give away their authority of their thoughts to someone else.  In surrendering their power within through thought, word or deed they project negativity to themselves and those around them.

To begin a journey of claiming your power within, know that the only answer is love and in loving everything and everybody you are in authority. Also know that whatever you do not want is for you as you choose it at a subconscious lever to continue on your growth path to become the person you want to be. This sounds really painful when you are in the thick of it, I know, I have been there and I am still experiencing challenges. But I also know that if I do not learn from the lessons, they keep coming in different forms. When you learn to love all, the power within unveils it self and nothing shakes you.

The Power within is natural a state of empowerment we are born with in a positive dimension. Due to environment or infant conditioning, we acquire the negative bug that causes suffering to no end. Become childlike in watching what is happening in your life right now with awe. Refuse to dramatise your life in exchange for peace. For free resources on growth and development, visit

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