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Could you be uncomfortable with a part of yourself?

November 24, 2010

To be uncomfortable is to feel pain or any other unease.  Most of these discomforts are caused by stress. As they say, “99% of all diseases are caused by stress”.  But until you start ridding yourself of any emotions, you never really understand the effects of them. The pain we feel in the form of headaches, backaches, fevers and so on; is a way of our body telling us that it has reached a coping threshold where the alarm is sounded to get some help. If the body never sounds the alarm in the form of uncomfortable events, we will never know what we are really holding on to.

So why the metaphor of uncomfortable?

Uncomfortable feelings in us cause us to suppress, express or escape them. In doing the later we resort to many coping ways like drugs, sex, alcohol, verbal abuse and so on to numb our pain. If you understood that the part of you that you have not got to know gets awakened in form of a discomfort you would take the time to find out what is required to move on from the pain. Some religions say that pain is God’s megaphone; I know why they say so, because if you have noticed, when you are in pain or feeling low you are very receptive to anything that will numb the pain or grief. But we do not have to wait for the uncomfortable feelings to ride us before we take action.

Uncomfortable feelings can be avoided by simply becoming conscious or awake. A good example of a conscious person we all know in history is Jesus. Being conscious does not mean that you do not get challenges, but simply a changed perception to them. You know that they are there for you in order to necessitate your growth. You are grateful for that fact that they have appeared in the form they have because it is for your greater good. If any of you know Wayne Dyer, perhaps he is the best example of this to date. He has leukaemia at the moment, a daughter on drugs and other family challenges. But what does he do? He is a spiritual teacher; in listening to him you learn the humbleness in times of jubilation and challenges after all there all here for us. Uncomfortable or comfortable let us embrace them!

In being uncomfortable we learn submission to the source, but what if you could get conscious enough to surpass the pain and grief by simply changing your perspective. There are many tools on the market to mention, meditation, yoga, exercise, release technique and many more. But if you are just starting on a low budget, you can go for a lot of free resources to start you on the journey of awareness to get to the uncomfortable feelings.

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