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Debilitation by Self Limitations

November 11, 2010

We have all got limitless potential except for the limitations we put on ourselves.  From definition on, it is a restrictive weakness; lack of capacity; inability or handicap. This is a general definition; the approach we are taking should be on brain performance and capability. We have all heard the saying that we are what we think; the more limited your thinking is, the less your experiences and appetite for life. But most of us do not know any other way due to for example environment conditioning and hence live these limitations on a daily basis.

Can we change these limitations?

In physics there is a term called entropy. It is a state that tends towards disorder, disorganisation or dis-ease in order to reorganise itself to order. To put it simply, when you recognise that you have limitations, you look for ways of expansions to the limitless which is more order. A good example I can think of now is before I took the journey of self discovery, my life looked like a mess; in fear, confusion and suffering. The system could not cope and hence looked for ways to maintain a balance in meditation (I had never done before), exercise and healthy eating. But every stage I reached, I noticed I could do more so I started writing (which I was very bad at in school) to show people that limitations only exist in ones head. In other words you can do it too, start small comfortable baby stages in order not to be put off.

In order to stare the ego in the face that keeps the limitations coming; do things you have never done before. For example if you get a paint brush and have no end goal but just to enjoy the process, it will trip the ego. If you have an end result in mind, you will get frustrated because the journey may not honour that result. Therefore stay blank at whatever new thing you are trying for this exercise and let go of what the end should look like; just enjoy it. You can also start reading up on different materials on limitations and how to over come them.

For faster results, use brain technology that will help the two parts of the brain come together instead of being in conflict. This technology will erase the limitations slowly as long as you put it to use. It comes in different forms but I have personally used meditation recordings with certain frequencies that made the results faster. I have a free track on my website for beginners to access free, the science of getting rich audio and a library of other books. Visit for more information.

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