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Letting Go in order to aid change

October 21, 2010

We are all attached to what we know already, but have you ever wondered if you would have known what you know now if you were attached to something else in the first place. It is not your fault; we are all conditioned to behave a certain way depending on our environment or upbringing. When you begin to evaluate your life and acknowledge that it is not working for you as it should; you begin seeking. But what if you could just stop seeking and just stay open, wide open for insights to come.  Of course it is a healthy habit to have a bit of scepticism otherwise you may be taken advantage of.

Attachment to result is the root cause of all suffering; in other words if your life is not working for you, you are trying too hard. Having a still mind helps you have a life of fewer dramas, you are in control, your threshold to cope is high enough to take the challenges life throws at you. You also learn in letting go, that all challenges are gifts and without them there is no growth. Have you seen a baby who walks without falling numerous times? They keep trying and falling only makes them stronger. Go with the flow!

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”-Albert Einstein. Think about that statement for a moment; a change at thinking level is the best way to solve and evaluate challenges. We are today programmed by the media and other external environmental influences. You have to change the paradigm completely; let go of what you know now and become open to receive new insights.

Try meditation to make your mind still, thoughts through our mind control the way we behave and see the world. At, we have a free library of classics like Think and Grow Rich, Free meditation track and an audio of the Science of Getting Rich.

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