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Awakening of the Mind`s Awareness

October 1, 2010

Awakening of the mind can be termed as an experience of enlightening, opening or realisation of our wholeness or connectedness to everything. It is our view of the world that causes most of our suffering; that is our perception shapes what we perceive the world should be and hence a change of perception creates a different projection. An awake mind becomes aware of the things that do not serve you; hence replace them by those that serve you and others around you. Within awakening you will see a wholeness, completeness and perfection of your reality, after all that is what it is.

Aiding your mind to an awakening experience


This is a spiritual practice that has been practiced for years to create awareness and awakening, if you have not heard about meditation then research religions like the Buddhist that had it through generations. The way meditation is done has evolved through the years ;traditionally the practitioner sits in a particular posture and focuses on a word or words to create a stillness, calm and de-lateralisation  of the brain over time. This then allows the individual to have a sense of well-being and allow themselves to just be. In creating this awakening and awareness the individual stops seeking and striving; in contentment learning to watch your thoughts to create a background of awareness. The possibilities are infinite!

However watching your thoughts alone can be a very awakening experience. I generally watch my thoughts every time, especially when I find reason to be judgemental. When you start watching, the attachment to result disappears and a sense of calm comes over you. This is in other ways a very meditative experience. The attachment to the journey ceases and then true happiness is found hence awakening.

Mediation can easily start your journey of awareness and awakening. We never get taught this in school, well they say when the student is ready the teacher appears. Does that mean we are never ready? The teacher we seek is always an extension of us, a mirror you see yourself in. Recognise that life is the teacher and hence it all about reality showing up. We have a free meditation track for beginners try it at to increase your awareness.

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