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An Opening to Purposeful Living

September 28, 2010

Finding a purposeful living is most people’s goal in life but we often do not know the doors to knock on for that all important start. I have been searching for some time, reading all the self help books I could find including Christian ones. I kept reading until I became unsettled that there was more to me. The illusion with most self help material is, most of the advice is short lived. For example I have been to seminars that have given a point system of consider your dreams, values, set goals, be disciplined and believe you can achieve these goals. Well that’s all true and you can sometimes see some results with that formula but what happens next!  If you are looking for a purposeful living, there is more to life than self!


Purposeful living is attained by looking beyond your challenges to serve others. All great ideas of invention and other creative works are born by problem/challenge solvers. If you have a limited view to only look at your challenges you will not bear a bounty of fruit. You will also find that people like Mother Theresa who understood what their purpose was, knew that there was more to life than material wealth because after all it is never enough. I urge every body to understand that it’s not all about us before you embark on your wealth journey. That way you will be highly aware of staying neutral making very informed decisions in whatever you do. Purposeful living is about serving others in return for what you value. That may be money, joy, peace, equality and many more.

To achieve purposeful living, we must understand the way the universe/ God works. When we look at our only interests we tend to get stuck. In my own experience, I have rotated around the same issues for years until I started uncovering wisdom through meditation. One of the best books I bought earlier is called the Winning Sage by an elderly lady called Helen Hansel. The book is about her winning formula since she won every competition she entered. During one of her interviews she was asked, what was the best book for beginners to support the wisdom and workings of life? She said,’ The Bible is the best self help book there is and you could get one for free’. I was puzzled because I thought the bible is a purely religious book. But she was right we interpret the bible, Koran and other holly books as a no go zone of religious wisdom but what I have found is that all the Gurus use these books  for their research and in turn sell the wisdom to us. For purposeful living research all the books in different ‘religions’ use: it is the same messages of wisdom you find. Practice these messages, if you have a block about these books I would advice you to start with meditation and its principles. They are also from the Buddhist religion and amount to the same principles as the bible and the Koran.

To lead a purposeful living, will require confrontation with issues the society gets away from. After all you can not use a gadget without a manufacturer’s guarantee: how do you expect to lead a life separate from the universe/God? W e have a free meditation track, an audio of the Science of Getting Rich and Free library of Classics at

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