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A Tried View of Making Change Easy

September 27, 2010
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When you have been doing the work and the results (changes) do not seem to come by as you would want them, do not despair. It simply means more learning curves in the way: remember the ones you have negotiated already. You have been negotiating curves for a while and just because you did not know it does not mean there is no progress. Exercise a patient approach instead of wanting to jump mountains in a day, remember it took time to be where you are today. My message is, if you are passionate about something; consider it done as you will dedicate yourself to doing it and finding ways to get there. Expect challenges and look at them like learning experiences because without them there is no Learning.

Ways to keep motivated at change

Keep a dairy of your lessons, encounters and discoveries

 Dairies are great at documenting changes, on days when you feel little or no progress you will look back at the dates and wonder at the magnitude of the leaps you have so far taken. Never under estimate the power of writing things down, most people write auto biographies from dairies they have written for years. If you do not have the information written down, the accounts will not be as accurate as you would want them and you will not notice the vivid change in your life.

Follow somebody who has been there before you

This is crucial to change as who you choose as a role model must have been some body who has done what you have to learn to do. We do not have to reinvent the wheel as the world is full of good role models. Find out what makes them great, for example if you are looking at mother Theresa who was an ambassador of peace: you would read her autobiography and find out the reasons for her motivation. Because if the WHY is strong enough and something you are trying to do is humanly possible, consider it within your reach. This will accelerate the pace at which you change.

Refuse Negative feed back

If you are looking to change, get away from people who are negative and luck motivation. These people will project their fear of change to you by bringing negative vibrations. You will need a lot of positive up lifting people who will reassure you that there is no such thing as failure. It is feed back to “fail” as it is the only way of knowing where improvements need to be made. If you adopt this attitude, change will be easy and less painful.

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