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Are You Suffering From A Negative Attitude?

February 14, 2010


Every disease of the mind and body presents symptoms that we must watch for if we are to combat it at its earliest stage and stand a good chance of a full recovery.  A negative attitude can be combated in much the same way.  If we are aware of its existence we can stamp it out and replace it with good positive thinking instead.

Read through the following symptoms of a negative attitude.  If you spot any of them you would be advised to take actions to replace it with a positive one.

  1. You see the worst in everything.  If you have a negative attitude you won’t spend time looking for the positives in every situation.  Instead you’ll spend time focusing on the bad in every situation.  This applies to the mildest of situations to the most serious.  For example someone who has lost a parent at a young age might feel cheated and develop a very negative attitude to the world around them.  It certainly wouldn’t seem fair.


But if they had a positive attitude they might end up being grateful that they had the time they did have with that parent.  They might remember and cherish what they learned from them, and take those lessons forward into the rest of their life.  When they look around them they may see other people who have never known their parents at all.  So instead of having a negative attitude they will feel grateful for what they did have.

  1. You think you have failed before you have even begun.  A negative attitude can actually prevent you from even trying to succeed in life.  When you think negatively you will assume you will fail at most things you try.  For example you might think, “I won’t apply for that job because I know I won’t get it.”


In contrast someone who doesn’t have a negative attitude will go for it and think positively about what might happen.  If they get the job then that will be a success.  If they don’t get the job they will still be able to learn positive things from the experience (from the interview for example) and they can take that forward into the future.

  1. You think that other people are always better than you, and they can achieve more than you.  A negative attitude can cripple the way you live your life if it causes you to always see other people as being better than you are.


But instead of comparing yourself to other people, think about what you are capable of achieving yourself and focus on the positive aspects of your character and ability.  You can improve and achieve still more if you banish your negative attitude and embrace positive thinking instead.  Comparing yourself to others only serves to cause problems instead of giving you solutions.

So you can see that it really does pay to watch how you think.  It might be affecting your life more than you thought was possible.

A negative attitude can debilitate you of your right to move forward in life. Scratch the surface and you will find not only the causes but also the cure. To find out more on how to banish a negative attitude visit

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