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What is your story?

February 27, 2017



Written by @linzo


All the greats have been and gone

History was yesterday

Tomorrow is yet to come


In this fast moving stream of time

Now is the only ace to play

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What is your story?

Where is your Heart? (Original Poem)

February 26, 2017







Written by @linzo

That which the heart holds dear

is in the alchemy of the master chemist


For a cocktail of hate will brew the heart

to give that which it knows as love


Enticing death as flies are enticed

by rotting flesh


An alchemy of sweet innocence attracts

a floating butterfly to its hand


Abiding in a blossom of giggles

in an open heart full of glee


As for the heart of indifference,

it sits in its chair of despair


Grappling with the notion

of being in between hate and love

The Human condition ( Original Poem )

February 22, 2017







Written by @Linzo

In a human condition so dire, we dare to revolt

against the scars of division, curved in wounds so deep.

Colour to divide the margins of choice,

forgetting of course, that  souls know no colour.


Turning the other cheek, as children hunger,

in blood stained clothes, gunned to profit

for a corporate machine that lives with indifference

in exploiting the poor to gain the ruling class.


A mass asleep as chaos ensures;


As we fuel our cars with blood water

Watered down with money for a trade


We eat from hands of desperate children

In fair trade we hide our woes


We heat our houses, raping the earth

Turning away from nature’s despair


Oh!! The Human condition!


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Key To Wisdom (Original Poem)

February 20, 2017







Written by @linzo

Better to know that you don’t know

For a knowing man knows

Nothing about knowing

That which is privy to the wise

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Image credit:Pixabay


Entangled Mind (Original Poem)

February 18, 2017







Written by @linzo


Battered and bruised, an entangled mind

Tired and flat from the daily grind


Wilful and steadfast, a master’s cane

Dutiful and despondent, a slave’s pain


Coercion in fees, so little to live

Body and mind, steer to grieve


Depression in wait, as despair evokes

Memories so deep, a soul provokes


A sitting duck, condition prevails

In stubborn survival behind the veils


A sickness in health, evokes the will

From the depth within, to weep a spill


A cheat to death, a new lease of life

As garments of illusion are abandoned in strife


Image  credit: Pixabay

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Heaven’s Gates (Original Poem)

February 15, 2017






Written by @linzo

A cover coveted, deprived of its holly crown,

mired in original sin, on its way down.


A trail of deception, in flames so hot,

an inferno to scare on a simmering pot.


A market in full brawl to cover our sins,

for all to see causing a scene.


A lie told in threes to fit the holy trinity,

of thought, lie and covet; in a unity.


A gathering of priests to sermon desolate souls,

for heaven’s gates not hell’s flaming scrolls.


A mountain so high to carry the law,

in commandments so many we live to grow.


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Image credit: Pixabay

One at Last! ( Original Poem )

February 14, 2017







Written by @linzo

Cast across the ocean, is a net so wide,

lulling all that is forgotten to surface

in memories left untouched by waves of unforgive-ness.


A paddle for a rewarded effort, treading

water amassed by all emotions, conjured up

by those curving out their redemption, against all odds.


Oar owing owner in its stiff filial strokes,

aligning to unify arm to water, in a prayer

that moves waves to dance, reaching  deep within the ocean.


A depth merged to soul by weight of its bodily burdens;

numbed by pain of a constant rocking boat, occupants

ready to disembark and join the  ocean. One at last!


Image credit: Pixabay

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